Shark Night 3D

Once there was the movie  Jaws, and then a series of crappy sequels followed. Most viewers assumed the era of the shark movie was fading out – well they are back and in 3D!

Hollywood has delved into movies about Anacondas, Piranhas, Snakes and even Ants but the Shark movie has proven the constant. This leads us to Shark Night 3D the lastest of the stringof animal attack movies to grace the big screen. Sadly it is another lackluster movie that does not get anywhere near Jaws. Shark Night is directed by David R. Ellis and stars the likes of Sara Paxton (Aquamarine, Superhero Movie), Dustin Milligan (Slither), Chris Carmack (Into the Blue 2) and the more familiar Joel David Moore (Avatar, Bones) and more. It is a story of a group of college kids who want to relax over the weekend at friend Sara’s (Paxton’s) lake house – more like a secluded island with a house on it. The weeked very quickly turns to a nightmare when it becomes apparent that there is a shark in the saltwater lake and its ready for the open college student buffet.

Now comes the downside of being on a secluded island while being taken out by sharks – phone service is abysmal and pretty much non-existant and only a few people know they are there. They are the Lake’s Sherriff Sabin (played by Donal Logue), the redneck pervert Red  and his mysterious and scarred boss Dennis (Carmack). Dennis and Red from the first time they make themselves known show too much of an interest in the group of college kids, Dennis especially has his eyes on Sara and that will automatically have most viewers suspicious of him. Sherriff Sabin is set up as the silly and friendly Sherriff who adores Sara and her family but never let appearances fool you.

The acting, although not terrible, could have been a lot better and it seemed that every actor were overly melodramatic with their acting. Joel David Moore was the only one to give a convincing performance but even then there was more to be desired. They juggled between melodramatic and robotic acting and that translated to characters that an audience wouldn’t relate or grow attached to. Storyline and continuity was also a big problem for Shark Night 3D, the concept itself was relatively new but majority of the elements within the general plot were predictable and plain. Anyone who has seen Jaws will recognise a certain shark attack scene in the opening moments of Shark Night 3D and because of that the initial attack scene of the movie loses its impact. There were several other moments in Shark Night reminiscent of Jaws.

Elements of the story that were meant to be important fell short and in turn all of the connecting story line either made no sense or was unbelievable. A few characters go their whole time in the movie without a back story or any character development, the movie is about shark attacks but to enhance the fear factor I would have liked to know more about certain characters who had the potential to be interesting.  Dustin Milligan’s character Nick was one of the only ones that had some depth to him, he was the typical unlikely hero that stepped up when no one else would.

Continuity was an aspect of the movie that obviously wasn’t looked at as closely, several moments of storyline that included the sharks seemed out of order in terms of the continuity.  Character personalities bounced back and forth and only a few characters remained as the typical bad guys and others seemed bipolar in terms of personality. The audience can’t be sure throughout the majority of the movie which character to cheer for and which to hate, luckily the plot ensured that just past midway through that the identities of the villians is well known to the audience.

I will give props to the CGI and 3D effects for this movie as the Sharks looked realistic and enhanced the fear factor with the attacks (much better than an obviously robotic shark) and 3D ensured that those pivotal ‘jump’ moments hit the mark with audience feeling that the shark is coming to get you. These effects definitely could have been enhanced even more but they were still probably the best part of the movie by far.

Shark Night 3D isn’t in my opinion a must see, but if you are a fan of shark movies and meaningless near nudity then Shark Night 3D is your movie. The movie is a lame attempt at the modern Jaws and it doesn’t get anywhere near the fear factor of Jaws at all. It probably won’t scare you away from swimming in lakes and I don’t see it giving anyone nightmares (unless you are already afraid of sharks). Considering it comes from the makers of the Final Destination series I was expecting a lot better and I left the cinema pretty disappointed.

I would probably give it a 4.5/10 and I will hope that no one makes a sequel to it.



It all starts with a bite…

What do you get when an asthmatic lacrosse player and is best friend (who just so happens to be the sheriff’s son) go into the woods at night searching for half a body?

Well you get Teen Wolf.

After listening in on reports on a police radio, the sheriff’s son affectionately nicknamed Stiles (we never find out his real name but apparently it is really embarassing) drags his best friend Scott McCall into the woods on a search. A search for a half (they don’t know which half) of  the body of a dead woman, but while searching they are attacked by an animal and Scott is bitten. Scott, being more scared of the sheriff knowing he was out there, goes home (leaving his puffer behind) and tends to his wound. This bite is the start of a huge change in Scott’s life, when, the next day he discovers that the bitemark is gone.

Being typical teenage boys they are more concerned with going back to the woods and searching for the body, and retreiving the puffer (evidence that they had snuck out at night and messed with a police search). This is where they meet the mysterious Derek Hale (shirtless wonder), Derek used to live in the town of Beacon Hills but after a fire that killed his family he left. Later Scott starts to notice a vast improvement in all his senses and that his asthma is miraculously gone. All this allows him to make first line on the lacrosse team (thoroughly pissing off the school’s stereotypical jock Jackson in the process).

It is when Scott finally ‘transitions’ into a werewolf that everything spirals out of control and the craziness ensues. Stiles and Derek become Scott’s ‘gang’ of sorts and help him in learning the way of the wolf (when Scott actually listens and isn’t a typical teenage boy who is hormone crazy) and Scott is forced to come to grips with what he is, and that not everyone around him can be trusted. It turns out that  the town has a family of werewolf hunters, that jealous jocks can be trouble and there is a big bad in town and it has its sights set on Scott.

The formerly safe town of Beacon Hills becomes the scene of several brutal killings (caused supposedly by a ‘mountain lion’) and will become the future battleground for what can no doubt be an epic showdown when the villain is finally unveiled.

Scott needs all the freinds he can get, but who can he trust with his secret? All will be revealed in the last 5 episodes of Teen Wolf (which has been pushed back to 11:30pm Mondays for Australia, why I don’t know?)

This show is highly recommended to all fans of supernatural themed shows and prefer a darker style rather than the purely fluffy and romantic supernatural shows. The cast brings each character to life perfectly and work brilliantly as an ensemble (no doubt that will be recognized with plenty of awards for the future). At the start of each episode they give a ‘previously on Teen Wolf’ segment so you can figure out what has happened the episode before ( I didn’t want to give all of it away, you’ll have to watch the show to find out the rest )

 Stay tuned for my future reviews ( per episode now that I’ve recapped the first half of the season) and I will endeavour to start getting some other reviews up as well.

To finish off , as I promised I am going to share another look at the gorgeous man that is Derek Hale (Tyler Hoechlin), I thought now that you have been shown the reason why he is ‘shirtless wonder’ that you should see how gorgeous he is all round (I don’t think this guy could be any more perfect, but maybe it is just me)

Let the craziness begin!

I am so excited to be starting this blog today. It is here that I want to review TV shows, movies, books and just rant about anything that comes to mind. To start, I want to do some TV show reviews and recaps, as there aren’t many crime or supernatural shows airing currently (in Australia at least), so I want to start with them. They are Covert Affairs Season 2, Bones Season 6, Castle Season 3, Body of Proof and (to save the best till last) Teen Wolf Season 1. Before anyone groans, this isn’t a strict remake of the movie, this show is almost completely separate from the movie as it has its own plot and werewolf mythology.

If you weren’t already interested in watching, Teen Wolf has an incredible cast of young actors who bring the characters to life. My favourite cast member is the gorgeous Tyler Hoechlin who plays the dark and mysterious werewolf Derek Hale (or as he is nicknamed ‘Shirtless Wonder’ by the ladies at Comic-Con 2011). I consider him to easily be the best thing to draw more viewers in (but he is rarely ever shown in the ads *shrugs*). So with that, my next post will be a recap of the first 7 episodes of season 1 of Teen Wolf which airs on Monday nights at 10:30pm on Channel 7 (for Aussies but for the US it is on Mondays on MTV).

Now I will leave you with a look at Derek Hale (be careful not to drool on your keyboards lol) just to ensure that you will check back here for my recap and plenty of future pics 😛